website archive


I really hate looking at this one, but it's a site that I made all by myself with a book from the school library. It never left my laptop. If you know anything about web development, don't view the source.

diamondpigman.com Mid 2014—Late 2015

My first public website (hosted with WordPress.com), still alive as I'm writing this (the domain's expired though). There's a few captures on archive.org if you'd like to see previous versions.

lh.diamondpigman.co.uk Late 2015—Late 2016

The precursor to pi.dnomaid.co.uk Used for random things and ("locally")hosted from my PC (so it only worked when it was turned on).

Noob Site 2015

Another site I made without the help of WordPress. Was never my main site, however I prominently linked to it on the homepage of DiamondPigman.co(m/.uk)

There is also a newer version of this site that I also found.

diamond​pigman.co.uk Late 2015— Mid 2016

Selfhosted WordPress. It's had many different looks.

pi.fishys.space Mid 2016—Early 2019

Formerly pi.dnomaid.co.uk, this is the successor to lh.diamondpigman.co.uk. Used for random things. As you may have guessed, it's hosted on my Raspberry Pi. No longer actively maintained.

dnomaid.co.uk Mid 2016—

My current website. I redesign it way too often, so there's an entire folder here to house a few major steps.

fishys.space Early 2018—

Domain for selfhosted applications I run from my homelab. The homepage now redirects to a wiki page.

Archived Friend's Sites/Other Stuff

egnlunar.wordpress.com Late 2015—Early 2016

WordPress.com site created for Matt to use.

egnlunar.16mb.com Early 2016—Late 2016

Selfhosted WordPress site I set up, managed and maintained for Matt.

JabbaTheHut2 Mid 2016

A really odd material-design-ish site made for a friend to showcase the different YouTube series he ran

NovaNetwork 2016—2017

Landing page for a Minecraft server I ran for a while