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YouTube, fix your shit. Edit: He got his channel back!


Freddy got deleted.


The dude who made his old intro thought it would be a good idea to send copyright strikes to Freddy because he no longer uses the intro he made.  WTF?!


> Freddy’s video on the matter,  uploaded to his Network’s channel


Usually I’d try to help fix this,  but if “I Hate Everything” who has over 300K subscribers struggled to get his channel back,  I doubt a random person with just over 100 subscribers is gonna get fixed.


All the strikes that were sent Freddy’s way


I was unaware that submitting false legal claims was worth laughing at

YouTube,  if a random person can delete a channel for a petty reason WITH NO PROOF,  you have something wrong.  And if you are going to let an automated system make legal decisions,  you need to grow a brain and get more staff to deal with this kinda stuff.

Now I shouldn’t be scared to post this,  after all,  this is my own website that I pay for,  but something tells me that FrostGaming (who issued the strikes) is going to strike down everyone involved in this just so he gets his own way.

That is all.

E: Fixed YouTube embed and added images

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