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[Resolved] Hey, More EGN Drama!

Hopefully final edit:

Yea, so Dictat0R has gone insane and decided to kick both me and Matt from EGN for no fucking reason at all.

So Matt started by saying that he spent all day reading fanfics. He never mentioned any subject that they were, just that he was reading fanfics. However, for some unknown reason, Andrew decided this was a great reason to kick him!

Then the following conversation ensued, which should be pretty explanatory and need no further explanation.. (Click the images to view them in full resolution)

well if he belives if he kills himself and becomes a ponyt that’s his fault

there are trules for certain members

To be perfectly honest, Me and Matt find this incredibly amusing, as it perfectly shows why everyone seems to hate Andrew.

At least now I don’t constantly have these invisible rules guarding my (group) conversations and a huge prick to put up with.

Edit: because I really don’t care what the fuck he does, his Skype is [Removed] . It’s his fault if he doesn’t know how to A, switch off “direct connections” in Skype, and B, not know how to call his ISP to change his IP.

Edit 2: I remembered I had him on Steam.

Edit 3: Matt uploaded a video to the EGN channel saying to unsub and spam Andrew’s Skype. He deserves both of those punishments. The video is below, uploaded to this site for when Dic inevitably deletes it

Here’s proof it was on YouTube, just in case he deletes it

Edit 4: This lovely kind message greeted me which earned him this. I hope I never have to be around the “cunt” ever again. I’m staying subscribed though, just to see what shit video he makes on this matter. If he removes it, rest assured I will have it downloaded!

Edit 5: How kind!

Edit 6: He’s really going all out to call me a cunt, jeezus fuck.


Edit 7: Jacquez made a fucking funny video about it!
It was deleted :(

Edit 8: Alex has left too, guess Dictat0R is not too happy. Email me for proof (screenshots)

Oops. I used Imgur to host these images. This breaks their TOS. I’ll update them later. Imgur pls dun’t kil meh
E: Images now on ImgSafe. They still goto Imgur when clicked though. Thanks for not killing me, Imgur :D

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10 Responses

  1. Alex Farmer says:

    I hate this drama so much

  2. EGNDictat0R says:

    1st of all i kicked matt from the chat and after you two both had done some shit i kicked you two and when Razor LEFT so get your shit right.

    • Diamond says:

      So you banned Matt for mentioning “fanfiction” which he never said was MLP, then when I tried to defend him you started spamming my Steam and Twitter with “cunt” and not responding to my messages? Then I sent Razor a link to this post and then he decided to leave, probably because those kinda shit happens way to often in EGN.

      Also, how come you are still responding to Matt l, even though he was the one who broke the rules, and how come you then banned Razor for just sending you my messages, as I has no other way to get through to you?

      I am very tempted to just block your IP from my site so you can’t fill the comments with lies and spam :)

  3. EGNDictat0R says:

    welp, fuck you and your shitty izar thing.

    • Diamond says:

      FYI, by using my site, I have your IP, which means I could DDOS you or sell it to scammers or some other fucked up shit. Luckily for you, I can’t afford any of those, so consider yourself lucky.

      • EGNDictat0R says:

        Fuck you, you ass-hat you deserve to have your career ended because all you do is try to fuck people over, and are a terrible person. Time to say goodbye, and anyone who will know you will fall through at some point, so good luck having friends after they all fall through. Also, anyone who reads this I’d watch his videos, but not befriend him because he will cause so much stress, and a waste of your life so try to just enjoy his content. I enjoyed it, if you talk to him after 6 months you’ll fall through and seem what he wants to do, to “Learn your lesson for being a dick” in which you may have been a dick, but you may have did what you believed what was right. Just a warning before befriending him.

        • Diamond says:

          “Fuck you, you ass-hat you deserve to have your career ended because all you do is try to fuck people over, and are a terrible person.”

          Because I am the bad guy for standing up for friends when you ban people willy nilly and call me a cunt every 5 seconds. Suuuuure.

          Did you read what you wrote and think about why this shit started?

        • Diamond says:

          “‘Learn your lesson for being a dick’ in which you may have been a dick, but you may have did what you believed what was right”

          So all the shit you have done to me before was “right” in your opinion? So you kicking 3 people in one day for no reason is “right”? You go believe that whilst you shoot strangers in games and ignore your friends

        • Diamond says:

          “so good luck having friends after they all fall through.”

          So you’re telling that to me, when you have pretty much lost 3 friends in one day? Yea, sounds like you need to think about that too.

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